KFC Launches Its Own Console, a Mini-PC With a Chicken-Warmer

KFC Launches Its Own Console, a Mini-PC With a Chicken-Warmer

Don't expect to see KFC's console on store shelves any time soon, there's a good chance this is all just an elaborate marketing stunt

Here’s hoping this is the last twist that 2020 has to throw our way. KFC, the fast-food chain known for its finger-lickin’ good fried chicken, is throwing its cap into the console races, or so it seems. On Twitter yesterday, the company revealed what it’s calling the KFConsole, a small form-factor machine capable of higher performance than the PS5 or Xbox Series X. Of course, this could all just be a huge prank, but if it is it’s a detailed one.

According to a store page for the mini-PC, the KFConsole is being made in partnership with Cooler Master. Which makes sense, considering the strange and unique chassis that the console’s internals are sat in. Its most stand out and not at all fake-sounding feature is a built-in chicken warming chamber. This small slot will apparently use the “natural heat and airflow system” of the KFConsole to keep any fried chicken inside hot and crispy.

On to the actually interesting potential features of this PC, well, the thing actually promises quite a bit of power. It will ship with two 1TB PCIe NVMe SSDs, or in plain English, extremely fast digital drives. To fit inside its extremely small form factor, and assumedly around the chicken warmer, the KFConsole also sports an Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element. These small enclosures are extremely compact motherboards fitted with RAM and a processor. Typically, they’re found inside Intel’s NUC mini-PCs, extremely small form-factor modular computers.

But the most shocking advertised feature of the KFConsole isn’t its chicken warmer or advanced CPU enclosure, it’s the thing’s GPU slots. The KFConsole promises consumers access to hot-swappable GPU slots, a feature typically not found in consumer motherboards. For those that don’t know, hot-swapping just means switching parts out of a machine while it’s still turned on. In reality, there’s no reason why a consumer needs access to this kind of slot – it’s a recreational machine, not a test bench.

Don’t expect this console from KFC to hit store shelves any time soon. This is likely another marketing stunt from the fast-food chain, although it’s admittedly a pretty good one. For now, we’ll just have to wait for a computer that can keep our food warm too.