Kickstarted Anima: Gate of Memories Shows Off The World of Gaia With Gorgeous New Screenshots

on October 2, 2013 8:15 PM

If you haven’t heard of Anima: Gate of Memories, it’s an upcoming action RPG based off of the Anima table top role-playing franchise, which succeeded in crowdfunding a Kickstarter campaign of $90,000 at the beginning of this year with $101,949 from Kickstarter and $14,292 from their own campaign, making for a total of $116,242. In that time, numerous updates have gone out, the newest one including a wide selection of screenshots that show off Anima‘s world of Gaia.

Following the nameless protagonist The Bearer of Calamities and her demonic partner Ergo Mundus, Anima: Gate of Memories will feature a vast skill tree of abilities to unlock, and a deep story that gets affected by your choices and actions. The new locations, which include The Forgotten Temple, The Endless Plains of The Wake, The Peak of The World and The Labyrinth, which can all be viewed below in the gallery, are just some of the newest scenery that the game will take place in, besides the very important tower of Arcane.

For all of the updates and details that have come before, check out the Anima: Gate of Memories website and Kickstarter campaign page.

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