Kickstarted Game Moebius Near Completion; New Screenshots, Trailer and Prologue Comic

on November 26, 2013 11:50 AM

The upcoming adventure game, Moebius, from Jane Jensen and her studio Pinkerton Road, is nearing completion, and with it comes a new trailer, gallery and prologue comic for gamers to enjoy.

For newcomers to the project, the game stars Malachi Rector, a Sherlockian genius who can size up artifacts and people with one glance. Made rich and notable from being able to distinguish genuine treasure from utter fakes, he’s been enlisted by a secretive government agency for an unusual project, who make him realize that there’s more to his talent than even he knows.

Moebius is the first project Jane Jensen has worked on since Gabriel Knight 3 in 1999, returning to the gaming industry after working on her earlier Gabriel Knight and Dark Matter franchises. The Moebius Kickstarter campaign was a huge success last year, raising $435,316 from a goal of $300,000.

Moebius will be available on PC, Mac and Linux platforms early next year in 2014, with iPad and Android versions following soon after. For more information on the game, check out the Moebius website, and the free Prologue Comic, which shows off Rector’s past. For a closer look, check out the trailer and gallery below.

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