Kickstarted Indie Mable & The Wood Delayed Indefinitely

Kickstarted Indie Mable & The Wood Delayed Indefinitely

It seems like only yesterday since Mable & The Wood was funded on Kickstarter. The retro-inspired action exploration game, which was originally planning to release February 2017, has been delayed for an unspecified period of time.

In a statement to DualShockers, developer Andrew Stewart said:

I’m focusing on getting the alpha out to backers before the end of March, then I’ll have chance to fully evaluate when the final game will be released.

This doesn’t come as too much news to Kickstarter backers regularly following updates who have seen mention of a delay pop up time and time again.

The reason why Mable & The Wood is delayed is innocuous — according to Stewart , the indie title is a passion project for him that dominates his afternoon and weekends. With that said, “even small [interruptions] can make a big impact to my schedule” he told DualShockers.


With the first delay out the gate, Stewart is hesitant to give a release date or window to either the backer-exclusive Alpha or the game’s launch. However, Stewart wants to make it clear that there is no hiatus — development is still ongoing, and he keeps a steady source of income from his full-time job.

Mable & The Wood first debuted on Kickstarter on March 28, 2016. With a funding goal of roughly $8,800, the campaign was succssfully funded on April 26, 2016.

Currently, Mable & The Wood will be coming exclusively to PC, however Stewart noted “it would be really cool to get [Mable & The Wood] on consoles.” While Stewart has mentioned that he cannot confirm a launch date, the website has been modified to say “Coming 2017.” Check out the game’s announcement trailer below: