2D Platformer The Wizard and the Slug’s Kickstarter Campaign Launches

2D Platformer The Wizard and the Slug’s Kickstarter Campaign Launches

In The Wizard and the Slug, players must roam the world to make friends. However, all may not be as it seems in this new indie title just launched on Kickstarter.

It may seem unlikely, but in Swedish indie game developer Silkworm’s debut title, a magical entity with the power of flight and a slug must team up to befriend the world, and obviously beat up some baddies. The game has just made its way to Kickstarter, and is already well on its way to reaching its goal.

The Wizard and the Slug is asking for $7,265.00 from its crowdfunding campaign and it has already made its way to $1,710.00 with 26 days to go.

Silkworm’s newest title aims to make one of the unlikeliest of characters a hero in its 2D action platformer. Although its style might seem to lean a little heavier for the adorable, the developer says that there are darker elements at play in The Wizard and the Slug‘s story.

“Bucking the trend in terms of traditional protagonists, the game puts you in the role of a shell-less gastropod. When meeting a mysterious Wizard, the slug soon finds itself caught up in an adventure that might turn darker than the colorful, cartoony art-style on the game’s surface.”

In the game, players will encounter multiple characters (not to mention a Wizard) that will aid the slug on its journey. However, it seems that the humor of its premise is not lost on Silkworm, as it points out although many might try to assist the slug and some will be quite useful, others are “not as much.”

The Wizard and the Slug is planned to be released for Mac and PC in Spring 2018. Interested in learning more? Check out the game’s official website, its Kickstarter page, or just give the video below a view.