Number of Kickstarter Games is Declining, But Funding Remains Stable

Number of Kickstarter Games is Declining, But Funding Remains Stable

Kickstarter shows increase in funding raised by video games compared to last year even as less games take to the platform.

According to video games consultant company ICO Partners’ mid-year status report on Kickstarter, the number of game submissions is declining; however, funding has remained stable.

As the report reveals, the first half of 2017 saw a total amount pledged for successful video game projects on Kickstarter come in at over $9.4 million USD. Now, when you compare this to 2015’s first half of the year, which saw 19.98 million, you might think Kickstarter is in declining in a big way. And from 2015 — it has. However, 9.4 is a decent increase over 2016’s first and second-half totals, that were both just under $8 million USD. In fact, this years figure seem more on par with the numbers posted in 2014; however come nowhere near 2012, or the mega-year on Kickstarter that was 2013.


ICO’s Thomas Bidaux points out that compared to the same period last year, roughly 30 projects per month are getting funded. Bidaux also talks about that there has been a growth of the number of projects raising between $100k and $500k recently, and that this seems to be range of funding that is “more accessible than it used to be, and could be where Kickstarter could grow its video games subcategory.” Aka if you’re asking for over a million, or multiple millions, you best have a compelling project.