Kickstarter Gets a New Steampunk Adventure Called The Dead Flowers Case

on November 11, 2013 3:24 PM

Steampunk seems to be alive and kicking, even in the indie scene, as a new game called The Dead Flowers Case has started its own Kickstarter campaign. Set in a fantasy mechanized Steampunk alternate reality in which flowers and plants have long since become extinct and the world runs to (apparent) mechanical perfection. However, this precise order of things is thrown into chaos when the body of a senior employee at a car factory is found dead at his desk.

The only clue to his murder are the dead flowers placed by his side. From this point, the player assumes the role of the detective in exploring the game’s world, questioning its strange and colorful citizens and uncovering more clues that will eventually unravel the mystery as to who committed the terrible crime.

The game’s 3D characters are all fully rendered in real-time 3D using the game’s engine, as opposed to pre-designed and highly detailed backdrops.

In today’s update, we are introduced to the Mariachi Brothers, which are self-programmed contract killers. When you come across these enemy types, its best to sneak up on them and reprogram them to attack each other. The enemy is pictured below:

The Dead FlowersYou can also check out the pitch video, which has also been posted below. And if you want to support this campaign, go here.

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