Kickstarter PC Game Funded in Under Two Days Considers Console Launch

on April 17, 2014 1:41 PM

Heart Forth, Alicia, an indie RPG on Kickstarter, managed to surpass its $60,000 game within two days. With 28 days still to go and so far $66,293 in funding, an update was posted about the possibility of spreading the Steam greenlit PC game to consoles.

Of course, we’re also working on porting the game to other platforms. We’re trying to make exciting and worthwhile stretch goals for you, but at the same time we want to avoid jeopardizing the game itself by bloating our goals.

The game itself is described as a Metroidvania that uses both 16 and 32-bit gameplay combined with modern mechanics and multiple storylines; however plot may take a backseat to push more focus on combat and platform puzzles. Judging from the screenshots below, the visuals are impressive enough to tickle the interest of anyone who still enjoys playing rereleased versions of JRPGs.


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