Kickstarter Study Finds Only “One-Third” of Videogame Projects Fully Deliver to Backers

on January 27, 2014 3:17 PM

According to a recent and extensive study complied on Kickstarter videogame projects, it was discovered that only “one-third” of them fully delivered on their promised content.

The study examines all 366 successfully funded Kickstarter games between 2009 and 2012, with only 37 percent of them delivering backers the full product. About eight percent of these projects partially delivered on their content, which means giving backers a mobile version or a single episode of a game when they were initial promised a full version in the pitch. Here are a couple charts that compares the statistics between years:



The study also takes a look at the overall monetary ranges of these Kickstarter projects. The results aren’t comforting, as the overall pattern determines that the more money the campaign raises, the lower its chances are to actually deliver on their pitch promises:


In the end, backers must exercise good judgement when considering which project to back. It’s important to choose developers with proven track records and recognize projects that reek of delays and false promises, since backers are the ones risking the most in these investments.

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