Kill la Kill The Game: IF for PS4 and PC Gets New Screenshots and First Gameplay Details on Famitsu

Kill la Kill The Game: IF for PS4 and PC Gets New Screenshots and First Gameplay Details on Famitsu

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu showcased more of Kill la Kill The Game: IF for PS4 and PC, also giving the first gameplay details.

Today’s issue of Weekly Famitsu included a spread on the upcoming anime game Kill la Kill The Game: IF published by Arc System Works.

On top of quite a few screenshots, which you can see in the gallery at the bottom of the post, we get the first gameplay info on the game.

The game is a 3D battle action game in which characters can move freely on the 3D field. Each attack can be initiated quickly with one button press. On top of that, there are actions like dash, step, guard, and long-range attacks. The result is a super-fast battle system.

While each action can be performed with one button, this doesn’t mean that the battle system is simplistic. As a matter of fact, it’s very deep, and mostly strongly based on reading your opponent.

There are two sets of three actions that work on a Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanic. Melee attack wins against Break Attack, Break Attack wins against Guard, which wins against Melee Attack. On the other hand, evasion wins against a melee attack, melee attack wins against evasion-reading moves, and those win against evasive actions.

Dashes allow you to jump quickly towards your opponent. If you also press attack, you can execute a dash attack.

Steps let you move a small distance in four directions. If you step left or right when close to the enemy, you can circle around them quickly.

A Melee Attack can be executed by pressing a single attack button in four different directions. Attacks with different characteristics can be activated by giving a directional input alongside the attack button.

Finish Attack is a combo attack that can be done by pressing the directional input at the end o a combo, you will execute a powerful attack with different effects.

A Break Attack is an attack so powerful that it cannot be guarded, but the swing is so wide that it can be avoided rather easily.

Long-range Attacks can also be activated with one button, and by holding it you can launch a high-level power attack.

Melee attacks with the directional key cannot be avoided by stepping, but jumping is effective. By pressing the up or down direction, you can also intercept the enemy in the air.

By using a special attack you can activate a provocation battle with three possible options and a rock-paper-scissors mechanic (provocation wins against curse, which wins against mockery, which wins against provocation). If you win, your power will increase.

Lastly, we learn that the game is 35% complete.

You can check out all the screenshots below, keeping in mind that they’re from magazine scans, so the quality is far from perfect.

If you want to see more, you can check out the latest trailer, a few screenshots revealed in June, alongside the original announcement.

Kill la Kill The Game: IF, and it will come to PS4 and PC in 2019.