Kill Zombies In Space With Killing Floor’s Twisted Christmas III

Kill Zombies In Space With Killing Floor’s Twisted Christmas III

After one year of Twisted Christmas in “Santa’s Evil Lair” and the next in his “Ice Cave,” Tripwire Interactive is bringing their third Twisted Christmas to their FPS, Killing Floor, and it’s nowhere near the North Pole. Twisted Christmas III is taking place on “Evil Santa’s Moonbase,” along with new weapons, a new map, new achievements, and unlockables (which you can see in the Launch Trailer below).

The Moonbase is the new map, where killing undead mutant clones in zero gravity makes for new creative ways to get violent. Other ways to get violent:

  • The Schneidzekk Medic Gun: has a high firing rate and shoots healing darts at allies.
  • The Zed Eradication Device, which fires plasma bolts and creates stasis fields (which also makes Zeds easier to kill for allies).
  • The Dwarfs!? Axe, from Tripwire’s Dwarfs!? game, which can knock enemies back enough to see them fly.

The ZED gun and the Dwarfs!? Axe may be fun, but can only be assembled through special means. The ZED can only be assembled after finding its scattered components around the moonbase. The Dwarfs!? Axe can be unlocked by earning 40,000 gold in the free-to-play Dwarfs!? game, or by purchasing (or having already purchased) the game on Steam.

Besides all of the weapons, this Twisted Christmas event also brings back the opportunity to unlock “Baddest Santa,” if you haven’t gotten him yet.

While everything mentioned above is free, players can also purchase some special DLC too: with a new character–the Domestic Assistance Robot–and a new weapon pack–gold plated weapons, including an AK 47, Combot Shotgun, Katana, and M79.

The Twisted Christmas event will go on from now until Jan 3rd. For more information, remember to check out the trailer below, and the gallery of screenshots afterwards. You can also visit Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor homepage and Steam page, and as always, stay tuned to