Killer Instinct 3 Teased

Killer Instinct 3 Teased

During an interview with Destructoid at X10, Microsoft Game Studios Ken Lobb talked about a game that was not Perfect Dark Zero. When asked about the possibility of a Killer Instinct 3 Lobb said, “Someday, I love KI, we want to make KI, we’re not working on it today… Someday we will bring back KI.” Lobb also admitted that he was the person behind Ultra Combos.

The thought of a current gen Killer Instinct game gives me a chubby, and the fact that it comes from the mouth of the Klobb — yes, the gun from Goldeneye was named after him — made the thought stick in my brain even more.

Killer Instinct needs to happen. The game is a hyper stylized, gorefest, and it is the type of fighting game that we need to come back and knock Mortal Kombat off it’s throne.

I would consider selling all my other fighting games for this game, but only if they changed the animations so the characters didn’t all look like neanderthals.

I just found my copy of Killer Cuts when I was writing this post. Hell Yeah!