Killer Instinct Community Fund for Online Tournament Prizes Hits $100K in Three Days

on May 4, 2015 7:19 PM

Community Manager for the official Killer Instinct forums made a huge announcement concerning the Community Fund revealed last week, which would raise prize money for future online tournaments:

Last week we announced that for a short time, all the revenue from digital sales would go towards funding tournaments! It would also be the first time since the launch of the Xbox One that Shadow Jago would be available for purchase! Does none of this sound familiar? Hit the jump to watch the video announcement as well as get a MASSIVE update about the latest developments!

Well we have a HUGE announcement:


We are SUPER EXCITED to announce that the Killer Instinct Crowdfunding initiative has SUCCEEDED! We hit the goal of $100,000 within the first 72 hours of the offer going live! There is now $100K in the community fund for tournaments and we are pleased to announce the first tournament we are supporting – EVO this July! We are contributing $50,000 to the prize pool for Killer Instinct. And Shadow Jago will finally become a real character in Killer Instinct with his unique boss moveset, balanced for competitive play!

The Killer Instinct Community is AMAZING! THANK YOU!

Updated FAQ:

  1. When will you announce other tournaments that will be supported?
    We are working on that now – we will have more to announce in the next few weeks!
  2. When will Shadow Jago become a real character?
    Before the end of 2015.
  3. Now that the crowdfunding is over and the goal is met, can I still buy Shadow Jago?
    Yes, the Shadow Jago Community Bundle will be available until 5/14/2015.

It’s wonderful to see a community band together so quickly for such an awesome cause. Seeing Killer Instinct at EVO this July will be great, but knowing that fan support contributed to the prize money is even better. Shadow Jago becoming playable is the icing on the cake of course.

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