Killer Instinct Video Shows Off Kilgore’s Upcoming Ultimate

Killer Instinct Video Shows Off Kilgore’s Upcoming Ultimate

Check out Kilgore's Ultimate, which is being added to Killer Instinct on May 2 as part of the Ultimates Ultra Pack.

Iron Galaxy Studios released a new video for Killer Instinct today that showcases Kilgore’s Ultimate, which will be added to the game in the Ultimates Ultra Pack, which will be release for free to all players on on May 2.

Kilgore was added to Killer Instinct in January for $9.99. You can read a description of his character from the Microsoft Store below:

Before Fulgore and the Mark 03 units were introduced to the world, Ultratech created a line of failed cyborgs during the secret CCIX Program. These hulking battle machines bore twin overpowered chain guns that tended to overheat, making them unstable and unfit for service. But one cyborg—nicknamed Kilgore—became self-aware, and started rewriting his own software to account for this deficiency in his hardware. Saved from the scrapheap, this special unit has been brought out of retirement by ARIA to enforce her will…and Kilgore obeys.

The Ultimates Ultra Pack adds new Ultimates for Fulgore, Aria, Sadira, Riptor, and Kilgore. You can check out Fulgore and Sadira’s Ultimates here and here respectively. The developers will release videos for Riptor and Aria’s Ultimates prior to the pack’s release.

You can watch the video below. Killer Instinct in currently available on PC and Xbox One.