Killer Instinct Continues to Hint at More Content with New Survey

Killer Instinct Continues to Hint at More Content with New Survey

This seems to be a busy weekend for Killer Instinct: from a possible leak, to the PC release of the Complete Edition, and now a new survey. Iron Galaxy tweeted out a link to the questionnaire yesterday and some of the inquiries continue to point towards substantial post season 3 content.

While there was no suggestion of possible guest characters or ‘shadow-fied’ fighters, one part of the survey was quite telling.

Q: Are there any special events that cause you to play KI more often?

  • New Mode releases (for example Shadow Lords)

Most of the other sections were focused on getting player data (gender, race, hours played weekly, etc). There is a point where you can give your own opinion on the things you enjoy most/least about Killer Instinct.

So while this questionnaire isn’t as interesting as the one released back in July, it still shows that Iron Galaxy is trying to listen to its fans. There’s even a question that states, ‘Would you interested in being contacted by the Killer Instinct Team to discuss your experiences playing the game?’ And then an option to provide an email address for correspondence.

If you’d like to take part in this survey, you can do so here. There are some rules however as you must be 18 or over and submit your Xbox Live Gamertag to complete the process. I sent mine in and I hope some of you help shape the future of this fighting series.