Killer Instinct: Random Acts of Violent Gaming

What was it about this game that everyone went so crazy about?  It was pretty much everything.  It’s many combo-hits to the rather cool looking characters (not to mention the guys mega-drooling over Orchid, the over-sized breast enhanced character).

After the slow usage of SFII was the whole Mortal Kombat series; then came Killer Instinct.  Something old with a new twist.

This game was everywhere thanks to the demand of it.  It seemed as if you could go to any arcade and there it was, in all it’s KI glory.

This was yet another game that I, a GIRL GAMER (GAMER GIRL) learned to play.  No, my mentor didn’t teach me.  It was pretty much learn on my own kinda deal.  But with a lot of male gamer friends, I learned quicker and managed to bring my own style to my gaming.

It wasn’t long before my friends and were hitting up all the arcades across town battling people.  It got to a point where we would be out NOT doing video game related things that we’d end up at an arcade or a bowling alley and them having the KI machine waiting for us.  Countless times I can remember other people battling us getting angry.  They would yell out ‘CHEATER’ or ‘CHEESE’ while we would battle.  No one cheated when it came to KI.  To my knowledge, everyone that I hung out with played fair.  It seemed that everyone we played against were the cheaters.

I guess it wouldn’t have mattered what game I played or learned to play because there would always be some  meathead in the background with their opinions about gaming.

Like this one time at a bowling alley in Daly City, CA.  My friends and I had every intention on going bowling but when we walked in that dang machine was sitting right in front of the door!  We couldn’t pass up the machine.  We figured one game and we would all share taking rounds.

It didn’t quite happen that way, nor did we even get a chance to go bowling.

See, where in some kind of KI territory or something.  We didn’t know it at the time but I guess we were.  As we were taking rounds, a guy no older and no younger than we were at the time, comes up and says, “Yo! Let me in.”  Yeah… we had no choice.  What were we going to do, say NO?

So this guy, we’ll name him ‘XFart.’  XFart sticks in his money to play and chooses his match.  That match is over as quickly as you can say HEY XFART LOST!  So he’s a bit angry that he lost.  He was pretty decent playing the game but he was definitely no match for my boys.  I on the other hand, had no way of winning over this guy.  From my viewpoint, his gameplay was CHEESE.  STINKY FATTY CHEESE.  I didn’t think this XFart guy was going to use all of us to battle him.  After cycling through the homeboys, I was the last one on the roster for him to battle.  I really didn’t want to.  This guy gave me the heebie jeebies for some reason.  And with good reason I should have called it quits.  But I was egged on to beat him — and I am pretty sure it had to do with everything about me being a girl and him losing to one.

In all my arcading gaming, I was never so fearful of playing a game.  There have been previous times before this that guys called me the ‘B’ word or the ‘C’ word but I never shook with fear.  Playing XFart, I was shaking.  My hands were shaking and I had the chills.

It was the 2nd round and I was using Orchid. (Yes, I learned to play Orchid, okay)?  As I was completing my final finishing combo, which by the way was a combo breaker, …. XFart slaps me on the side of the head and ALL HELL BREAKs loose.  My homeboys and his homeboys start exchanging fists and the mayhem continued outside.

See, apparently getting beat by a girl is no joke.  Some people take it so seriously that they’re willing to make sure it never happens again.  In my case, that didn’t happen.  But there are some really ruthless people out there gaming.

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