Killer Instinct Season 2 Gets A New Character, Maya

Killer Instinct Season 2 Gets A New Character, Maya

With Killer Instinct ready for its second season, characters are slowly beginning to appear. The upcoming character Maya has new details.

Maya uses daggers that serve as the basis of her moveset. She can use and level them up, she can throw them at the enemy and she can catch them, but they can also be lost on the ground. She’s a rushdown character with her own stage titled “City of Dawn” in South America.

The folks over at Killer Instinct Central took out the time to report on the panel and Q&A session. Below are several new tidbits of information covered in their twitter posts:

  • Season 2 will have more story content.
  • There will be more classic costumes
  • The Rank Cap goes beyond Rank 40
  • There will most likely be no Mini-ultras in season 2
  • The music in season 2 will be improved
  • The staff is looking at making new ways to unlock accessories
  • No violent “fatalities”
  • Stage Interactions will be added, will be called Stage Ultras

Check out the images below for small bits of information on Maya