Killer is Dead Details Revealed

on January 16, 2013 1:15 PM

Famitsu has released a six-page spread covering the next game directed by Suda 51 and being worked on by the team at Grasshopper Manufacture’s, Killer is Dead.

The game is set in a world where people are able to travel to the moon and bodies can be remodeled. The main character Mondo Zappa, a 35-year old that works as an executioner, gets a job from The Execution Office to take out some assassins around the world.

Mondo Zappa uses swords in battle and his arm can change into other weapons such as a drill or gun with the ability to upgrade it through out the game. When player’s absorb the blood of their enemies, a powerful attack known as Adrenalin Burst can be used that will decapitate enemies in a bloody fashion that allows dark matter to be collected for energy.

Mondo work at the executioner’s office that is managed by Brian Rozen will see him travel the world to various locations including a western town. Joining him are his boss Vivienne Square, a blonde with a calm demeanor, and Mika Takekawa, Mondo’s assistant that met during an earlier incident and now live together.

The game also feature the criminal Victor that manipulates people through song in his attempt to bring more malice and evil into the world.

Killer is Dead will make its way over to Xbox 360 and PS3 in Japan this summer with no word of a release in the west yet but shots from the magazine can be viewed below.

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