Killer is Dead Gets New Info and 54 New Screenshots; Features Tacky Villain, Moon Goddess, Weapon Modes

Killer is Dead Gets New Info and 54 New Screenshots; Features Tacky Villain, Moon Goddess, Weapon Modes

Today Kadokawa Games released a large batch of info and screenshots of the upcoming slash action game by Suda 51’s Grasshopper Manufacture Killer is Dead.


Featured prominently is the episode titled “The Man Who Stole the Moon”, in which Mondo meets the Goddess of the Moon that used to rule the other side of the Moon. She requests him to kill  David, who usurped her throne and proclaimed himself king of the Moon.

We learn more about the Goddess of the Moon herself, described as a gentle woman with neat looks and dignified behavior. She’s 169 cm tall and her age is unknown. David is described as a “hobby ruler” and “the man that holds the key to the story”. He’s a 37 years old, 190 cm tall American dude that proclaimed himself king of the Moon, has a remarkably distasteful fashion sense, a naughty smile and loves to eat soft boiled eggs.

KillerIsDead (41)

If Suda 51 wanted to create an absolutely ridiculous and stereotypical villain, I’d say he nailed it, and considering the style of the game, I think it’s absolutely intentional.


Interestingly enough, if you check out the gallery below, you’ll probably notice a painting that seems to portray a much less tacky version of David and the game’s female lead Vivienne Squall completely naked. Love triangle incoming?

We also get info on the weapons mode available for Mondo’s “Musselback” arm:

Freeze Shot: hits the enemy with an absolute zero temperature projectile, freezing it and slowing it down. The effect vanishes over time

KillerIsDead (10)

Barrett Shot: It’s the basic mode of the Musselback, available from the beginning. It can both fire single shots and hit multiple enemies, and it’s very useful to destroy static objects.

Cannon Charge: It’s a charged shot that becomes more powerful depending on how long the button is pressed. It can penetrate the armor of an enemy but will leave Mondo defenseless for a short while after shooting.

Drill: differently from the other three modes, this is for melee and can wound even the most well armored enemies. It can also destroy some walls, which is useful to find the nurse Scarlett hidden in each level.

Finally, we see two more renders of the enemies that Mondo will encounter on the Moon: the Observer and the Guardian Over D.

Below you can enjoy a gallery featuring the characters and elements described above and quite a lot of battle scenes.