Killer is Dead Getting Retailer Specific Bonuses in Japan

Killer is Dead Getting Retailer Specific Bonuses in Japan

Japanese fans planning on picking up the stylish upcoming action game Killer is Dead have a variety of retailer specific incentives to consider. This isn’t an unusual practice in Japan, but I worry that any avid collector would have to buy several copies of the game in order to get all of the bonuses. These bonuses range from bookmarks to a wall scroll to the game’s original soundtrack, so be sure to choose carefully. Let’s go over all of the bonuses.

Amazon is offering a variety of PC wallpapers with purchases of the game:


AmiAmi has a sexy nurse book card:

killer is dead bonus

Purchasing from Imagine will earn you a Cutie 3 Gravure book card (Jessica Nigri!!):

killer bonus

Ebiten is offering a Love & Kill tapestry and Gigolo collective bromide:

more bonus

Purchase your copy from GEO for the Love & Execution clear file:

clear bonus

The Sofmap is offering a Cute or Sexy calling card:

cute bonus

Don Quixote is offering a stylish sticker:

sticker bonus

Snag your copy at Furuichi for the Killer is Dead Original Soundtrack:

sound bonus

Media Land is offering a special bromide set, although there is currently no sample:


Finally, purchasing from Yodobashi Camera will net you a PS3 theme and backgrounds:

ps3 bonus

Killer is Dead will be available in Japan, North America and Europe this August.