Killer is Dead Introduces a Mission Against a Train, New Sexy Lingerie, UI Gauges

The release of Killer is Dead is approaching quickly, with August the 27th just around the corner, and today Kadokawa Games sent in another large batch of information and screenshots of the game for our perusal.

We learn about Brian’s Execution Office, that will work as the mission hub of the game. There players will be able to select between several missions, upgrade their skills between episodes and purchase new items. A gift shop is also accessible to buy presents for the Mondo Girls, including several pieces of sexy (or downright skanky, like the new example that you can see portrayed above) lingerie that they will wear for Mondo during Gigolo Missions.

The new info also introduces the mission titled “The Man Carries his Aspirations“. The story is quite peculiar, and features an old British locomotive named TM-551 stored away in a Russian railway museum. Unfortunately the locomotive gets scheduled for demolition, but it suddenly animates due to the influence of the Dark Matter from the Moon and escapes the museum, turning into a deadly and living armored train. The Russian Ministry of Defense asks Mondo to stop it.

Mondo will have to infiltrate the train cars and battle his way through them, teaming up with Brian to use his transformed arm named “Brian Blaster” — basically a large Gatling turret — to win the fight.

During the mission Mondo will also meet a newly introduced monster type called “Beast Spike”, a very fast brute with a body covered in blood red spikes and an innate ability to jump around with great agility. It can be lethal and needs to be put down with maximum force as soon as it appears.

We also get an overview on the UI of the game. On the top left we have the Health Gauge (1) and the Blood Gauge (2). On the upper right there’s the combo counter (3) and the combo level (4). On the lower right we can see the sub-weapon menu with the level of the currently selected sub-weapon.

The Blood Gauge is increased by killing enemies, and depleted by using the Adrenaline Burst feature and the sub-weapons. The combo level is increased by reaching certain numbers on the combo counter and raises Mondo’s attack power. It’s reset when hit by an enemy or after a certain period of inactivity.

Below you can see a nice gallery with all the assets related to the elements I described above.

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