Killer is Dead Is Self Contained but May Have a Sequel, Says Suda 51

Killer is Dead Is Self Contained but May Have a Sequel, Says Suda 51

Grasshopper Manufacture’s Killer is Dead is going to be released worldwide on August the 27th, but Game Director Goichi Suda isn’t against considering the idea of a sequel already, as he mentioned in an interview on the Japanese gaming site 4Gamer.

As an interesting piece of trivia the controversial developer explained the reason behind the game’s structure divided in episodes:

I wanted to enjoy from each episode a style like that of foreign TV series, and that of the TV drama “Aibo” (Editor’s Note: “Aibo” or “Partners” is an extremely popular Japanese detective series that has has run on TV Asashi since 2000 and is still airing today). For example after you’ve played episode 4, if you don’t play for about a week and forget part of the story, there’ll be a new story beginning with episode 5. I think there’s a sense of safety in that.

The interviewer mentioned that Suda-san’s words made him think about the possibility of a second season, and Suda agreed on the possibility.

You’re sharp (laughs)! Killer is Dead is self contained for the moment, but if there’s enough demand from fans all over the world that sort of thing may happen. If people think they would like to enjoy a second second of Killer is Dead, by all means they should preorder their limited premium edition!

Shameless plug aside, Killer is Dead looks interesting enough to warrant a sequel, but I’m quite happy to hear that Goichi Suda created a self contained game. I’ve just finished raging with a friend about the general trend that’s plaguing the Anime industry, with series that come out in extremely short seasons of 13 episodes ending with a cliffhanger, then making you wait several months for the next season to see how the story continues. It’d be a pity to see the same annoying trend extending to video games.