Killer Queen Black Adds Xbox One to Console Lineup Following PC and Switch Delay

Killer Queen Black Adds Xbox One to Console Lineup Following PC and Switch Delay

Killer Queen Black will be releasing for Xbox One in Q4 2019 while the Nintendo Switch and PC versions will launch during Q3.

While Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games were originally planning to release Killer Queen Black for Nintendo Switch and PC in Q1 2019, they pushed the game back until Q3 in February. Today, the pair revealed that the game will also be coming to Xbox One and will feature cross play across all three announced platforms. That being said, the Xbox One version of Killer Queen Black will be arriving slightly later in Q4 2019.

Killer Queen Black’s developers have made it clear that the game’s arcade roots “arcade roots give it a pick-up-and-play nature,” so they are happy to get the game in front of as many people as possible and allow them to work together via cross play. “Bringing the game to the Xbox One is another way for us to extend that accessibility so more people can join the ongoing battle,” Liquid Bit’s Co-Found Matt Tesch commented alongside this announcement.

So, what about the game itself? Killer Queen Black pits two teams of three Workers and one Queen against each other as they try to achieve an Economic, a Military, or a Snail victory. The Economic victory is achieved when a team’s three Workers fill their hives with berries, which are also their main means of attacking. Meanwhile, the Military victory is a bit more straightforward as a team only has to fell the opposing team’s Queen three times. Still, getting this kind of victory can be difficult as Queens are great at attacking and have good mobility.

Finally, the Snail victory is a bit more humerus as it is achieved by riding a snail over to one’s hive while no one notices. The best team in the world will be marked as the “Black Team” and players will have to try and defeat them in order to claim that mantle for themselves. For fans of multiplayer platformers, Killer Queen Black seems to be an interesting new game to try. The new features and online play capabilities should also entice fans of the arcade game it is based on.

Killer Queen Black will come to PC and Nintendo Switch in Q3 2019 as well as Xbox One a bit later in Q4. DualShockers was able to try out the game last year at Play NYC, so those interested can also check out our thoughts on the game there.