Killer7 for PC Receives New Trailer Highlighting the Rest of the Assassins

NIS America has put out a new trailer for the PC re-release of Killer7, highlighting four assasins: The Wrestler, The Thief, Barefoot, and The Punk.

on September 28, 2018 2:14 PM

Sometime later this fall, NIS America will be releasing the cult classic Gamecube title Killer7 on PC. Earlier this month they put out a trailer highlighting three of the playable assassins, and today they released another highlighting the final four.

The four assassins shown off within this trailer are “The Wrestler” Mask de Smith, “The Thief” Coyote Smith, Kaede “Barefoot” Smith, and “The Punk” Con Smith. Each of these characters also have special abilities. Mask de Smith can use wrestling moves, Coyote Smith and jump high and lockpick, Kaede Smith can activate at “blood shower”, and Con Smith has super speed.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Killer7 follows a man named Harman Smith who is able to manifest himself into seven different personalities, which have been the subject of the past two trailers, in order to do hit jobs for the government and take down Kun Lan’s organization Heaven Smile. After its release in 2005, Killer7 quickly gained a cult following who constantly asked for the game to re-released. NISA has finally catered to them with a port that doesn’t use any emulators.

You can check out the latest trailer below. Killer7 will be releasing on PC later this fall.

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