Killing Floor 2 Announced

Killing Floor 2 Announced

The gory zombie title Killing Floor will be getting a sequel, developer Tripwire has announced in an exclusive with PC Gamer.

The first Killing Floor was made on a small budget, but Tripwire have had fantastic success with both the original title and their subsequent release Red Orchestra 2. As such, money will be poured into Killing Floor 2, which means better graphics, better animation and more blood.


Zombies now have upwards of 95 different kill zones, which is part of Tripwire’s new gore system, aimed to create more realistic depiction of the damage that bullets would do to infected. This improved animation extends to living zombies as well, with enemies reportedly moving far more realistically. This is the result of a reported 3000 total motion capture clips, which will also be used to create improved gun and melee animations.

The perk system will now be getting an overhaul, and will now feature 25 levels. Those that tried to grind through the original six levels in Killing Floor can breath a sigh of relief, as perk leveling will apparently be far more interesting this time around.