Killing Floor 2 Unleashes Badass Santa for Some Christmas Carnage

Killing Floor 2 Unleashes Badass Santa for Some Christmas Carnage

Gary Busey stars as the revenge-driven Badass Santa in Killing Floor 2's festive event Twisted Christmas: Season's Beatings

The holiday season is perfect for relaxing, unwinding by a roaring fire, and spending some quality time with your family. Unless of course, you’re Killing Floor 2’s Badass Santa; in which case it’s less about Christmas cheers and more about unloading heavy weaponry to dispatch your enemies.

Killing Floor 2’s festive update Twisted Christmas: Season’s Beatings stars Hollywood actor Gary Busy as the voice of Badass Santa. Throughout the launch trailer, Busey can be heard reciting a violent rendition of The Night Before Christmas depicting a brutal tale of revenge against Krampus.

We then see a bald, built Santa wearing a grenade built across his chest as he trains for the mission by lifting barbells with the decapitated heads of gingerbread men acting as weights on either side.

The Twisted Christmas event brings a lot of new additions to the table. Along with Badass Santa being available as a purchasable character, there are also four new weapons to take advantage of. The M32 Grenade Launcher is strong enough to stop hordes of Christmas Zeds in their tracks while the Tompson supplies rapid fire from its enormous drum barrel. If you’d rather get your hands dirty by engaging your enemies head-on, the fire axe and Krampus’ axe are also available.

Killing Floor 2 will also see a crossover with recently released Tripwire Interactive title Road Redemption too. This will see Killing Floor 2 characters Hans Volter and DJ Scully becoming playable in Road Redemption. The biker battle game’s signature weapon, the Road Redeemer, will also be available in Killing Floor 2. These extras will become available for gamers who own both titles.

So if you’d like to invite Gary Busey into your home for Christmas dinner this year Killing Floor 2’s Twisted Christmas: Season’s Beatings event is live now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.