Killzone 3 Beta Finally Going Open in February

Killzone 3 Beta Finally Going Open in February


Okay, so if you aren’t practically an A-list celebrity, you’re probably having one hell of a time getting into the Killzone 3 private beta. Well, good news for all you nobodies, myself included. The beta to the game will be open, which means we’ll all have access to it.

The beta will run from February 3rd to the 15th, leaving just ten days until the games retail launch on February 25th. Oddly, the beta closes just in time for you to grab your launch day copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Back to the main topic, the beta will allow you to demo four game modes.

These are: death match, objective based, story based and offline multiplayer, named Guerrilla Warfare, Warzone, Operations, and Botzone respectively. Again, Killzone 3 launches on February 25th, exclusively for the PS3.

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