Killzone 3 Beta Site Is Up... Kind Of

By Yaris Gutierrez

August 9, 2010

Read the title? Awesome. Then you should definitely have an idea of what’s going on here. But, since I’m here to provide you with the details, I’ll be kind of enough to spew out the latest news with regards to Killzone 3.

If you go to the following site,, you’ll immediately notice that Guerrilla Games has launched a beta site with a gated login (which no one has access to yet). If you’re under the impression that this might be some fan-made concoction to tease people like our Contributing Editor and local PlayStation 3 “supporter” Jon Ireson, you’re mistaken. To prove it, the Killzone 2 Community Website service on PSN lists “Killzone 3 Beta Website” as a launchable site, as per Iron Star Movement.

It’s a bit difficult to call this out when there is substantial proof. So, with that said, we’ll do our best to contact both Sony and Guerrilla Games regarding the launch of this beta site to try to pin down more details. Aside from Jon Ireson doing cartwheels to the song “Strokin’” by the blind Clarence Carter, we’re pretty excited to find out exactly what this site will showcase.

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