Killzone 3 Details Over Next Few Months

Killzone 3 Details Over Next Few Months

We all remember the stages of convulsions, anxiety, and fainting that took place when PlayStation fans first saw glimpses of Killzone 2. At the time, it was dubbed the best looking game, even without anyone having actually played it. There’s no doubt that the game was beautifully crafted both visually and mechanically, but what ensued prior to the its release was a rampant war of perpetuating screenshots, and back-and-forth name calling with Xbox 360 fans.

If you’ve played Killzone 2, and actually beat it, you’ll know that the ending was one of the biggest cliffhanger finales we’ve experienced. There was no doubt that with that ending, a third chapter would soon follow. And, follow it will, as per Official PlayStation Magazine.

According to the magazine, we can expect to see details of Killzone 3 pretty soon, which might indicate that their might just be a showing at E3 (no promises, people). If there was any one game this generation that would obviously receive an unannounced sequel, it would be Killzone 2.

Fans of the game should be antsy and clapping for joy as news slowly pours in. I, personally, gave up Killzone 2 after a few weeks of play since I was drawn more to other games. Trying to go back to it at this point, especially after Guerrilla Games threw it under the table, would seem pointless as I’m hearing complaints of the death ratio being extremely problematic. For now, I’m on Modern Warfare 2 doing my thing and handing out cases of beatings. But, I wouldn’t mind seeing what Killzone 3 will offer as it’s predecessor is indeed a pretty solid and beautifully crafted shooter (with some quirks, of course).

Keep an eye out, folks. We’re sure to bring you some more nifty Killzone 3 stuff as it comes along.