Killzone 3 is 3DHD w/ Jet-Packs, First Details and Screens Surface

By Jon Ireson

May 22, 2010

The world went crazy this weekend as Killzone 3 appeared in GamePro magazines across the country. I know you are all dying to know what the next sci-fi first person shooter from Guerrilla Games has going on under the hood so I won’t sit here talking about my thoughts on the game. Here are the very first details quoted from GameStop as well as screens of the magazine showing the article in question and some screens showing beautifully rendered character models and environments.

Killzone 3 GamePro Magazine Article Information:

• Will show the Helghast have humanity left in them.
• Will have the feeling that “of being in a place far away from home, outnumbered by people who want to kill you.”
• Will be like Inglorious Bastards.
• All of the characters in the screen-shots are flying in.. jet-packs?!
• Will include arctic levels.
• One mission in the game involves rescuing ISA Captain Narville.
• Game is playable in 3D!
• Have to wear 3D glasses, apparently the 3D effects are “crazy.”
• Combat is “unchanged from predecessor.”
• Or is it? Hand to hand combat involves you “Unloading a string of different (and often brutal) attacks on stunned enemies.”
• The scale is supposed to be “bigger this time.”
• The Jet-packs are “surprisingly lightweight and agile, Killzone 3‘s jet-pack is easier to maneuver compared to the sluggish incarnations of the gadget found in other games.”
• New weapon called the Wasp, basically shoots a “flurry of rockets” at an enemy.
• Will show off the Helghast culture.
• There is actually a Helghast language, which will be explored in the game.
• Will have “diverse locales.”
• Have to sit in the center of the 3D tv for the 3D effects to work.
• 3D in this game is called a “Game Changer.”
• Going to have “Intense Action”
• Jet-packs double as a weapon, which basically means a machine gun mounted right on top of it.
• If you shoot Helghast with jet-packs, they’ll “explode like roman candles”
• To control the jet-pack, you “have to activate bursts of speed in midair, propelling yourself across further distances.”
• In one mission, you have to use the jet-pack by “launching yourself from glacier to glacier”
• You’ll see “a lot of” snow levels.
• Everything is more spread out in this game.
• The game looks very complete.

[PS3News] via UK GameSpot Forums via GamePro Magazine

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