Killzone 3 is Going Home

Sony kind of likes the Killzone franchise, and why wouldn’t they? Regardless of what you may think about the game, it’s without a doubt the PlayStation’s “Halo” for all intents and purposes. So to help promote the upcoming release of Killzone 3, Sony is giving PlayStation Home a Killzone makeover! You’ll be able to play a mini-game that will see you gunning down the Helghast troops, with challenges that will unlock exclusive Home Rewards. If you beat all three levels you’ll get three perk unlocks for the full retail game which you’ll be able to use right away on the game’s multiplayer.

Oh, and you can pre-order the game from Amazon from directly in the Home area which will get you instant access to three more unlock points, two free maps from Killzone 2 for the third game, and more importantly a JETPACK for your Home Avatar. Yeah. Totally worth it, right?

[PlayStation Blog]

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