Killzone Coming to PSN as PS2 Classic

on January 11, 2012 11:48 PM

You’ve played Killzone 2. You’ve played through Killzone 3’s Operations mode so many times you can recite the opening dialogue. What’s next? Why not journey back and see how this sci-fi trilogy all began? Killzone was Sony’s answer to Halo back in 2004 and while it didn’t become the elite title Sony was looking for, it definitely left a lasting impression in terms of graphics and gameplay.

Despite its faults, no one can deny that it was still a fun game to play; even to this day. Guerilla Games has come a long way since the birth of Killzone but you can definitely tell that they haven’t forgotten their roots; in other words, the Helghast have always looked formidably creepy ever since the beginning.

The original Killzone is set to arrive on PSN on January 24. A price has not been confirmed as of yet by Sony but according to Game Informer, Killzone will retail for $9.99. We could only hope that more PS2 titles make it to PSN and perhaps trophy support this time? It’s okay to dream.

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