Killzone: Shadow Fall Has No Logo Screens or Warnings on Start-Up, Loads Straight to Main Menu

on October 24, 2013 11:35 AM

One aspect of video games synonymous with this generation is the plethora of screens that some games show before you even get to the main menu. There are developer and publisher logos, epilepsy and dolby screens, some of which can cumulatively top out at close to a minute or two before the gamer is even at the title’s main menu. This was something the developers at Guerrilla Games wanted to change in their upcoming first-person shooter, Killzone: Shadow Fall.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Guerrilla Games’ Technical Director Michiel van der Leeuw, stated:

You insert the disc and go straight to menu…People here worked very hard… We had to ask legal and Dolby, the epilepsy warning stuff, the logos from Havok – we had to negotiate with them that we could put it in the credits and not the title screen… All the rules are built around the previous generation. I’m really happy that we’re one of the first ones in, and I hope it’s an example that people are going to follow.

This could definitely set an interesting precedent for all next-generation games moving forward. Since at its core, it is a very minor change, and is gamer-friendly without sacrificing giving credit to the people who worked on the game.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is being developed by Guerilla Games and will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 at launch.

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