Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch Will Fix Those Pesky Flying Issues and More

on November 30, 2013 3:24 PM

Guerrilla Games has been hard at work fixing various issues with their PS4 launch game, Killzone: Shadow Fall including improving chapters seven and eight of the single-player campaign,  and adding controller support for those always-forgotten left-handed players.

Fans will also be interested in knowing the end section of ‘Secure the Target’ has been shortened and ‘Outcast’ has been made less frustrating by having the collision ceiling raised so you’ll be able to fly over more buildings instead meeting an unavoidable crash-ending.

Killzone” Shadow Fall v1.05 Patch fully includes:

  • The controller options menu now offers support for left-handed players. Please note that this change only affects the analog sticks, not the shoulder buttons or the triggers.
  • The end section of single-player campaign chapter 7, “Secure the Target”, has been shortened based on player feedback.
  • In single-player campaign chapter 8, “Outcast”, the collision ceiling has been raised to allow players to fly over certain buildings, instead of crashing into them. This should result in less overall player deaths.
  • Various bugs fixes:
    • Several UI issues fixed
    • Error messages in Multiplayer amended to have better indication of the error
    • Edge-case crashes related to friends lists fixed
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