Killzone Shadow Fall Will be Getting its First Multiplayer Expansion DLC in April

Killzone Shadow Fall Will be Getting its First Multiplayer Expansion DLC in April

The PlayStation 4 first person shooter is all set to receive a new expansion to its multiplayer which features new abilities, weapons, game modes and a new character class.

The expansion is called “The Insurgent Pack”. You play as a VSA infiltrator sent to the Helghan side of the wall in order to sabotage your enemies who also have their own group of infiltrators called “The Black Hand.”

The new class will be called “The Insurgent”. This class has two new abilities called Hack and Steal. The insurgent only starts out with a pistol but he can use his abilities to procure more powerful weapons and to hack enemy robots. Even if the Insurgent dies he will keep whatever weapons he stole.

The existing Scout, Support and Assault classes will be getting new abilities. The E-Pulse emitter sends a signal that makes it harder for enemy robots to find you in a specific area. The Tactical Echo emitter lets you deploy a beacon that makes it harder for enemy units to infiltrate an area. Finally, the Guard Drone is a robot that you can set to guard a specific location on the ground level.

Other additions include new weapons such as the M82 from Killzone 2 and 3, the L512 SMG Pistol and the Sta14 Rifle. There will also be online collectibles and an Insurgent Personalisation pack. For single player there will be a new difficulty called Elite Mode.

The Insurgent Pack will be available for €9.99 or free to those who have already purchased the Season Pass. For now you can download two previously released maps The Cruiser and The Hangar for free. Speaking of free the entire multiplayer portion of the game is currently available for nothing on the PlayStation Network until March 11th.