Killzone Shadow Fall’s Intercept Expansion DLC Gets an E3 Trailer, Screenshots Released

on June 10, 2014 6:03 PM

Back in May, we reported that Guerrilla Games is releasing an online co-op expansion entitled “Intercept.” Anyone that owns a season pass has already paid for the DLC; for those who don’t it will release as a standalone later this later.

Details about the Petrusite capsules have also emerged, which can be returned to the team base in exchange for bonuses like an instant restock on health and ammo.

If a player successfully retrieves a capacitor to the basecamp, the player can use it to activate one of the following bonuses which can be handed out to the entire team’s load out:

  • Full recapture:Instantly recapture all Uplink terminals in enemy hands.
  • Full resupply:Instantly restock all ammo and health.
  • Free respawn:The next respawn will not penalize the Team Score.
  • Minigun:All players receive a minigun in their loadout.
  • Mortar strike:Call in a mortar strike on the map. Remember to take cover!
  • Double damage:All players deal double damage for a limited time.
  • Turrets:Activate the dormant turret platforms located throughout the level.
  • Jetpack:All players receive a jetpack in their loadout.

“Intercept” will release on June 24th for the PS4.

Check out the trailer below for further details and screenshots in the gallery.

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