Kinda Funny Games Showcase To Reprise During E3 2019

Kinda Funny Games Showcase To Reprise During E3 2019

Kinda Funny Games Showcase will be returning this year, now for E3 2019 as Sony pulling out of the conference leaves the door open for others to step in.

Today was the fourth anniversary of the launch of Kinda Funny, and with it came a new funding goal for their Patreon whose reward was the promise to put on another Kinda Funny Games Showcase in 2019, this time during E3.

In their video announcement of Year 4 of Kinda Funny it was announced that new Patreon funding goals included a myriad of content, one of which was doing another Kinda Funny Games Showcase during E3 2019 at the $15K tier, which was quickly surpassed. That means another video showcasing tons of video games will appear sometime in June 2019.

This comes at a time where Sony has pulled itself from E3 entirely this year, robbing third parties of a platform upon which to showcase their upcoming titles. Indie titles have also been a no-show during Sony’s E3 conferences in the past years as it recovered from the PlayStation 3 generation to become the dominant platform for this generation of consoles. As evidenced by the previous Kinda Funny Games Showcase, indies will have a chance to catch someone’s eye when this E3 version appears. The first Showcase that premiered on December 8 began as a replacement for the lack of a PlayStation Experience convention in December of 2018.

Despite the seemingly growing irrelevance of E3, with EA and Microsoft similarly either lessening their show floor presence or pulling out entirely, it still remains the time of year where all eyes are on downtown Los Angeles for announcements and gameplay of the biggest releases coming in the next year, and frequently even beyond that.

Some of the bigger announcements from the previous Kinda Funny Games Showcase include: Desert Child, Ape Out, Boyfriend Dungeon, Moving Out, Conan Unconquered, Vane, The Messenger expansion, Bury Me, My Love, Anthem, The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3, Yiik: A Post-Modern RPG, and many more.