Kinect 2 to be Bundled With Xbox, Can Lip Read

on November 28, 2011 11:00 AM

“Sources” told Eurogamer that Kinect 2 will be improving on the motion sensing and voice recognition of the first model, supposedly going as far as to be able to lip-read the player. It is also said to be able to tell when players are angry, and determine which direction they are facing.

Emotions will be tracked based on the pitch and volume of a player’s voice, as well as facial characteristics.

Currently, what is holding the Kinect back is the way it passes data to your system: the USB technology it currently uses is aging and severely limits the functionality of the device. By having the Kinect 2 be built into the system, Microsoft hopes to bypass these issues.

It is said that the next-generation Xbox will be sold in two versions to start with: a cheaper, stripped down version sold as a Kinect-themed gaming portal (essentially, a Microsoft version of a Wii, it seems) as well as a more traditional “fully-featured” machine with better drives and backwards compatability.

When, you ask? Edge reports the next Xbox will be available late 2012. Others are more skeptical, and are projecting the big reveal to happen at E3 2013.

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