Kinect Seeing “Good” Pre-order Sales

Kinect Seeing “Good” Pre-order Sales


Kinect, the upcoming motion peripheral for the Xbox 360, is seeing adequate pre-order numbers. Apparently, the platform will see formidable sales when it releases next month.  According to Microsoft Game Studios rep Phil Spencer via Joystiq:

“Pre-order numbers are good, The retail channel seems to be excited for what we’re doing. We feel good about our supply that we can build. I imagine we’re going to have to work hard to fill out the demand that’s out there, is kind of our sense, but we’re willing to work hard so that’s fine.”

We also expect the device to sell well, considering that MS will be dumping half a billion dollars into the promotion of this thing alone. Check out the new podcast for more on this. Stay tuned for more on the new peripheral when it hits store shelves on November 4th.