Kinect Selling Like Hotcakes

Kinect Selling Like Hotcakes


Reportedly, Microsoft’s new Kinect motion control gaming peripheral is selling very well. The numerous midnight launch events that took place yesterday night (or first thing this morning to be exact) no doubt contributed to its performance. The device is sold out via the online stores of Amazon, GameStop and Target. Accordingly, units are still available at Wal-Mart but only bundled with the 4 or 250 gigabyte Xbox bundles.

Best Buy Representative Chris Homeister had this to say:

“We’ve seen a tremendous amount of excitement and demand for (Kinect) and saw lines at our midnight openings around the country. We are currently sold out online, but we continue to work with Microsoft to obtain product shipments now and throughout the holiday season.”

Summarily, Kinect is flying off the shelves. My local GameStop was sold out of the sensors as well. Whether it’s selling as well as Microsoft expects it to remains to be seen. Remember to check out our launch guide if you’re interested in buying your own-if you can still find one.