Kinect Sold Well, Plus Info on Avatar Kinect

I know there were a lot of concerns among gamers as to just how well Kinect would perform for Microsoft, and they were a little apprehensive themselves. But thanks to the sales figures released at CES2011 that is known to be no longer the case. Not only did Kinect meet Microsoft’s expectations, it shattered them! The peripheral has sold over Eight Million units since it’s release in November which is considerably more than the Five Million Microsoft predicted.

This helped to cap off a record setting year for Microsoft, which included console sales for the XBox 360 reaching over 50 Million, with 30 Million active members now on XBox Live. Kinect is going to be getting more and more support as time goes on as well. This spring, both Netflix and Hulu Plus will support Netflix allowing you to manipulate the videos with gestures or voice command.

In addition, Microsoft announced “Avatar Kinect” which will be much like what it sounds like; you’ll be able to use Kinect to manipulate your avatar including use of the facial recognition software to control your avatar’s every movement and emotion. You’ll be able to invite up to seven of your friends into virtual environments to hang out and party, or whatever you do in virtual environments.

Welcome to the future people.

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