Kinectimals Sell Big Proving It Won't Matter What We Think

Like them, hate them, or love them, Kinectimals are probably here to stay. If the Ebay sales of Kinectimals given to attendees of Microsoft’s Project Natal Experience event are any indicator of their reception to the mass market, then get used to them because the mass appeal of Natal is taking off before Kinect even releases. Something like a beanie baby collectible in the hearts of collectors, many attendees would probably never dream of selling these and consider them invaluable. But we all know that guy who just stocks up on something in order to pull a quick smash-n-grab in resale value later. Meet that guy, digitalpussi of the Ebay world, who is listing a leopard Kinectimal right now from E3 for auction and is currently seeing about $25 in bids. With the auction not ending for five plus days it is easy to see that the Kinectimals have arrived, and no matter what us hardcore gamers think about them the world is about to eat them up and scream “More, more, more Kinectimals!” score one for Microsoft at brilliant marketing!

Thanks to [Ebay] and let the bidding war rage on!

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