King Hippo of Punch-Out!! Gets Brought to Life Through Chalk in Amazing Timelapse Video

on January 21, 2014 6:44 AM

YouTube continually brings us the amazing and (seemingly) impossible, and seeing an artist render video game characters out of nothing but chalk is definitely no exception.

YouTube channel “AWE Me” (the same channel that hosts the “Man at Arms” online series) has published a new video featuring 3D chalk artist Chris Carlson taking on King Hippo, the classic villain from theĀ Punch-Out!! series, in an incredibly detailed 3D chalk drawing.

Over the course of the time-lapse, in only over a minute you can see him making the drawing from its initial outlines to its full-pixealted chalk glory – you can check out the full video below with Chris Carlson and King Hippo’s chalk rendition:

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