Endless Space Receives Free “Search for Auriga” DLC

Endless Space Receives Free “Search for Auriga” DLC

Amplitude Studios’ strategy game, Endless Space, has received a free DLC update called Search for Auriga. The DLC pack in now available on PC and will automatically download the next time you boot up Endless Space. You will need to have previously purchased the full game and the Disharmony expansion in order to reap the benefits of Search for Augira.

All sorts of new goodies and fixes are included with the latest DLC pack, the full list includes:

Changes and Additions (Classic versions)

  • Modified Sheredyn Affinity: buyout bonus lowered from 50% to 33% (like in the Disharmony version)

Changes and Additions (Both versions)

  • Wonder option added: Allows you to able / disable wonders
  • Capped buyout bonus to -90% to avoid bugs when going over 100% buyout bonus
  • Default Game Difficulty and Game Speed are now saved in Registry.xml

Changes and Additions (Disharmony version)

  • Creation of a unique planet: Auriga
  • New Wonder: Husk of knowledge
  • 2 new Heroes
  • Added Rally Point (Keep Left CTRL to enter rally point mode: left click to select start system and left click to select destination’s system)
  • Scrapping a ship gives you Dust
  • A repair button has been added
  • A Magnify button has been added, in some notification, it allows to focus the concerned system or fleet
  • New alert panel [in the negotiation screen] When an ally makes a diplomatic decision
  • Disable negotiations when an alliance request is waiting for its resolution
  • Wonders and unique planets are visible for the Amoeba players in the galaxy view
  • Entering or leaving an alliance refreshes the system influences
  • Improve the way defence stats are computed at the end of a battle
  • Unique planet Option added: Allows you to able / disable creation of unique planet in the galaxy
  • Add an option to keep the rally points always visible
  • Purified systems have a different background colour (grey) in the galaxy view
  • Improved contracts offering to avoid possible stability issues in MP
  • Added a reduction on damage for weapon which are not firing during their range speciality: -50% damage
  • Battle mood or faction mood are now displayed depending on the context
  • Divided damage done by bombers per 2
  • Increased long range accuracy and efficiency
  • Modified MP to reflect the used tonnage

AI Modifications

  • When the AI send a war declaration, it must be followed immediately by a battle
  • Each time the AI made a diplomatic choice the player will be notified with a short explanation
  • AI invasion fleet must not come back to the assault if we crush his combat fleet
  • When the AI scouts are destroyed, the AI must not keep creating them again and again
  • Added variety in the AI attack targeting
  • The AI select the best formation & targeting; not anymore randomly one from 3
  • Lowered weight for Retreat and Offensive Retreat
  • Updated weight on formation & targeting for the AI to choose
  • Replaced one of the unique technologies of the Pilgrim which was not aesthetically positioned

Harmony Balancing

  • Rebalanced game difficulty progression for Harmony
  • Added a property HasTolerantTrait
  • Fixed a bug regarding tolerant trait and starting technology reported by the community
  • Lowered cost of Mineral Memory from 15 to 5
  • Disharmony now affects the planet only and not the system anymore: thus the player can more easily colonise planets with dust and earn some industry / resources from it. However, the science and food will decrease faster than before but only on the planet
  • Fixed an issue on several effects related to natural wonders
  • Added a new planetary infrastructure for Harmony which increases the local deposit of a strategic resource by 1
  • Modified PathPrerequisites for the new Strategic Resource Improvement in order to show it only when the player discovered the strategic resource
  • Removed penalty related to ownership for Harmony
  • Reduced cost of StarSystemImprovementUniqueHarmony from 500 to 300
  • Modified the tool tip of StarSystemImprovementDefense4Harmony, thus the bonus in Food and Science is added to the list of modifiers
  • Increase default repair rate
  • Improve damage and defence fleet depending of their total of command points to compensate the absence of heroes
  • Added a new planetary improvement for Harmony that gives +1 strategic resource deposit


  • Fixed a desync due to locust points when joining a game
  • Fixed a desync due to approval status when joining a game
  • Fixed a desync due dust leech
  • Fixed a desync due to the Sheredyn’s battle stasis
  • Fixed a desync due to affinity mapping after an encounter
  • Fixed an issue on a diplomatic behaviour: reduces the probability of multiple wars
  • Fixed a bug regarding the Normal Difficulty reported on the forums
  • Fixed an issue where the trade routes incomes were displayed differently in the system screen and in the trade routes panel
  • Fixed an issue where typing a space character at the beginning of a “rename” text field caused an assert
  • Fixed an issue where the effects of infinite improvements did not refreshed the empire management screen
  • Fixed an issue where Growth were not properly loaded
  • Fixed an issue where Modules repair process property value was not saved
  • Fixed a bug reported by the community related to Tolerant
  • Fixed an issue on a diplomatic behaviour
  • Fixed an issue which allow the AI to transgress Waiting Period in case of war declaration
  • Fixed a bug regarding Normal Difficulty where Expansion Disapproval Difficulty was still 4x
  • Fixed issue on several effects related to natural wonders
  • Fixed: The resources needed for an advanced ship design are not marked as unavailable in the ship resource requirements tooltip
  • Fixed: The auto-upgrade button from the ship design menu does not fill up all the tonnage of the selected ship when clicked and weapons were not added
  • Fixed a bug on a AIPrerequisite for the Industry to Food Improvement
  • Fixed an issue about contract proposals
  • Fixed an assert about contracts
  • Fixed an issue where fleets could be modified by AI even when they were in a battle
  • Fixed an issue where the game remained stuck on end turn after the death of an empire
  • Fixed an issue where wonders could be put on Asteroids
  • Fixed an issue where a wonder and an anomaly could be present at the same time on a planet
  • Fixed an issue where fleets from different players could overlap when orbiting the same system
  • Fixed an issue where wonders were not put on uninhabited region first
  • Terraformation and anomaly reduction are now saved for razed systems
  • Fixed an issue where many fleet sorting options did not work in the military screen
  • Fixed an issue where the empire approval value was not properly refreshed after moving the tax rate slider
  • forums.amplitude-studios.com/showthread.php?19341-2-bugs-relating-to-the-Tolerant-trait-(Disharmony-1.1.17)