King of Fighters XIV Drops Character Trailer for Saudi Fighter, Najd

King of Fighters XIV Drops Character Trailer for Saudi Fighter, Najd

The King of Fighters XIV tournament continues to expand with the latest round of DLC characters with the inclusion of new Saudi character, Najd.

King of Fighters XIV continues to add to its lengthy roster with the arrival of another character trailer. This time, we see the product of a design contest run by SNK, which was won by a Saudi woman last year. This fan-designed character has finally come to fruition in the form of Najd–the latest entry in the King of Fighters brawl.

Najd is introduced to us with a haze of fire and shadow in the new trailer, hinting at her abilities and powers beyond just fighting. She appears to have a Guilty Gear Eddie-esque shadow demon accompanying her, which we can see in a few of her attacks and specials. Based on a few of the design documents included in the gallery below, the monster appears to be a shadow demon by the name of Halek. She also incorporates the Saudi culture of her creator into her aesthetic, as she wears a hijab-like headscarf and abaya as her attire of choice.

Additionally, we see that Najd appears to be paired with previously announced characters Oswald and Heidern, suggesting that she is the final member of their traditional three-man tournament team.

For me, the inclusion of fan-created characters and a Saudi woman’s design at that is a definite welcome entry to the series, so congratulations to contest winner Mashael Al-Barrak for her beautiful artwork and design. Najd seems to have some pretty interesting tricks up her sleeve, so look forward to seeing her joining the tournament some time in April. King of Fighters XIV is currently available on PC and PS4 platforms. You can also check out our review of the game here.