King of Fighters XIV’s Mai Shiranui to Receive Awesome Figure From Amakuni

King of Fighters fan favorite Mai is set to receive her own figurine from Amakuni.

on July 30, 2017 3:50 PM

Hobby Japan revealed a brand new prototype for a King of Fighters XIV Mai figure that’s currently in the works.

Manufacturing company Amakuni is working on the figurine. Seeing as it’s still a prototype, it probably won’t be available to pre-order for a little while.

Amakuni also just revealed two brand new Persona 5 figures that just may or may not be your favorite waifus from the hit JRPG.

Mai is a fan favorite in the King of Fighters and this figure looks like it’s shaping out to be a beautiful recreation of the character. I personally played her in XIV and I couldn’t help but feel giddy when I saw the entire statue of the character. Every detail looks absolutely awesome.

King of Fighters recently just did a crossover celebration with Dead or Alive after XIV’s successful launch on Steam. Mai was actually made playable in Dead or Alive 5 late last year as well.

Below you can check out the first image of the Mai prototype. King of Fighters XIV is available now on PC and PS4. DualShockers reviewed the game last year and we think it’s one of the best fighting games on the PS4 and PC.

King of Fighters XIV's Mai Shiranui to Receive Awesome Figure From Amakuni


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