King Varian Wrynn and Ragnaros, the Firelord Added to Heroes of the Storm

By Steven Santana

November 5, 2016

Two new heroes have been introduced to Heroes of the Storm: King Varian Wrynn and Ragnaros, the Firelord. Both hail from Azeroth of World of Warcraft. Varian is the first hero who can change between an offense and tank class. Ragnaros can control allied or enemy forts (that have been destroyed) to access new abilities.

Varian will be included in an update to the public test realm next week, Ragnaros won’t appear until December. A new map, Blackheart’s Revenge will be added to Heroes of the Storm between these two new heroes.

We just announced our biggest giveaway in Heroes of the Storm history to date: The Nexus Challenge! Starting November 15 until January 4, you and your friends will be able to unlock an epic set of in-game loot in both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch just by playing Heroes together.

Complete 15 Heroes games in Ranked, Unranked Draft, Quick Match, or Co-op vs. A.I. before time runs out, and you’ll unlock the Oni Genji skin, spray, and player icon in Overwatch, as well as Zarya and the Oni Genji Portrait in Heroes of the Storm. The rewards only get sweeter when you play more games. Finish 30 matches and you’ll pick up even more Heroes, the slick new Orochi Hovercycle mount, and a 30-Day Stimpack.

You can find the trailer and image gallery for Varian and Ragnaros as well as a Blackheart’s Revenge video below.

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