Kingdom Anime Episode 6 Season 3 - Where to Watch, Release Time

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 6 release time

By Iyane Agossah

May 9, 2021

Kingdom season 3 is finally back in full swing, with brand new episodes following the re airs of episodes 1 to 4, as the anime was delayed with the pandemic – here’s the release date and time for episode 6, and where to watch it.

Why Sony Hates Crossplay (But Allows it Anyway)

Why Sony Hates Crossplay (But Allows it Anyway)
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Kingdom Anime season 3 Episode 6 screenshots

Like nearly every other anime series, the Japanese official site of Kingdom offers spoilers preview summaries of each episode. However, I’m terribly behind on Kingdom, and can’t risk trying to translate these without the required ongoing story knowledge. As such I won’t include a spoilers summary like usual in my anime posts. However, we still have the preview screenshots below:

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 6 release time and date

Kingdom season 3 airs first in Japan, every Sundays, on channel NHK, at 24:10 JST / 11:10 AM ET / 8:10 AM PT. Later on in America, Kingdom Season 3 becomes available at the following time:

  • Eastern Time: 2:40 PM ET on Sunday, May 9
  • Pacific Time: 11:40 AM PT on Sunday, May 9
  • Central Time: 1:40 PM CDT on Sunday, May 9
  • British Time: 7:40 PM BST on Sunday, May 9
  • European Time: 20:40 CEST on Sunday, May 9
  • Australia Time: 4:40 AM ACST on Monday, May 10
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Where to watch Kingdom season 3

Kingdom is simulcasted by Funimation in America. You’ll need a Premium account to watch the latest episode. Every time a new episode is released, the previous episode becomes free. So if you don’t wanna dip in for Premium, but still want to stay in legality, you can wait every week and watch the series for free with a one episode delay.

More Kingdom

Kingdom is originally a manga written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara since 2006 in Shuukan Young Jump. There are 59 volumes in Japan so far. Before serializing Kingdom, Yasuhiha Hara was most notably the assistant of Takehiko Inoue (Slam Dunk, Vagabond) during the early years of wheelchair basketball manga Real.

Set in the Warring States period (The same era seen in Romance of the Three Kingdom inspired games such as Shin Sangoku Musou / Dynasty Warriors) , the story follows Shin, a young boy who grew into a general, and the various politics, ambitions, royal plots, and battles he gets involved with.

It’s also important to note that every week, the Kingdom Twitter shares special discussions with some of the seiyuu: Masakazu Morita who voices Shin, and Jun Fukuyama, who voices Ei Sei. It’s definitely interesting to check out if you can speak some Japanese:

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