Kingdom Come: Deliverance 1.5 Update Released; DLC Will Be Showcased at E3

Kingdom Come: Deliverance got a 1.5 update which addresses issues and introduces new features. Additionally, a new DLC is to be showcased at this years E3.

Warhorse Studios announced that the latest update for Kingdom Come: Deliverance has now launched and has brought some new content with it. They also tease the upcoming DLC that is planned to be showcased at this year’s E3.

The 1.5 update that launched yesterday now allows Henry to wash away his sins and improve his reputation by paying for indulgences through the churches. There are also sixteen new lore books that have been scattered around the world.

Despawned or forgotten quests are now moved to the gravedigger’s chest and players will be notified through a new quest known as, “Lost and Found”. Physically simulated women’s clothing has also now been added.

A large list of issues that have now been fixed are also detailed with the full list being found here. Here’s a few I’ve picked out.

  • Any remaining issues with going through doors should be fixed.
  • Archery tournament no longer causes inability to save.
  • The game now consistently autosaves before critical story events.
  • NPCs now reacts to player aiming at them with a bow and will try to get to him faster, instead of only reacting to being shot at as previously.
  • Executioner Hermann no longer keeps beating the player unconscious when he is angry.

A Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Absolution trailer was released that can be found below, and at the end of that we see the upcoming From The Ashes DLC teased. Details are said to be announced at this year E3 2018 as stated by Creative Director, Daniel Vávra towards the end of the behind the scenes video that was also released yesterday.

Martin Fryvaldsky CEO at Warhorse Studios also said in a press release,

“We are all very proud on the performance of the game and delighted by the feedback we get from our fans every day. With the latest patch we are improving the game even further and look forward to the player’s reaction to it. And to tease a bit – fans can expect some further news around our upcoming DLCs at E3 2018.”

Kingdom Come: Deliverance recently got its 1.41 update that added literal Easter eggs. If you want to know what our thoughts on the title are, you can read our review.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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