Kingdom Come Deliverance Treated With Next-Gen Visuals Thanks to Apex ENB Mod

I wish we get a sequel to this game some day!

May 24, 2022

Thanks to a new ENB mod and a lot of lighting improvements, Kingdom Come Deliverance easily looks like a next-gen title with a jaw-dropping environment!

Originally launched back in 2018, Kingdom Come Deliverance was probably one of the underrated titles of the previous generation of consoles. Despite having a brilliant story and world-building, the game didn’t receive favorable reviews due to serious technical issues at launch.

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Unfortunately, the game never received a next-gen enhancement from the Warhorse Studios and has not been launched officially on the new consoles. That being said, if you really like to explore the game’s world with next-gen visuals, there is already a possibility!


Kingdom Come Deliverance Could Be Your Most Realistic Open-World Experience Thanks to These Incredible Mods

In its most recent project, Digital Dreams, the well-known content creator on YouTube, shared some footage from a heavily modded version of Kingdom Come Deliverance with re-shade and a brand new Apex ENB mod that gives a photo-realistic look to this amazing open-world game.

Overhauling the lighting system, reflexes, and shadows have magically improved the game’s visuals, making it an unforgettable visual experience. This is pretty insane how realistic the environment looks in Kingdom Come Deliverance, especially the trees and hills in the far distance. If this game ever gets a sequel on an engine like Unreal Engine 5, this is probably the level of details we can expect from the Warhorse team.

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Hopefully, you can download and install all the mods in the footage above, but you need to make sure that your PC is capable of running this heavily modded version as mods are not well-optimized usually.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is supposed to receive a Nintendo Switch port sometime in the future.

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